Vendor Managers must get the best from service providers, manage
relationships, integrate delivered services with company operations,
plus monitor costs and risk, ensure compliance, and often select and
bring vendors on board.

We help clients train and guide vendor managers select, engage and
manage outsourced vendors. We can also work individually with
vendor managers. Where possible, we use current work scenarios
and apply principles and models to create and deliver real solutions,
as a core part of the learning process.

Build specific employee competencies to manage vendors
Optimize team productivity in departments that outsource
Ensure vendor effectiveness and value delivering results

“Managing External Resources” is an inhouse workshop or seminar
offered in North America, with selected practical content and format.
Content can also be delivered in modular form through webinars,
video, and by equipping inhouse supervisors and instructors.

Based on an outsourcing lifecycle model of key competencies, it is
adapted to meet client needs and priorities. It is used successfully
for a range of departments - IT, Marketing, Customer Service,
HRD, Finance and others.

Is a workshop the right answer for your outsourcing skills needs?

Training for Vendor Managers - new or more experienced
Team workshop on outsourcing - whole team & manager
Live, interactive videoconference training - for teams and groups
Seminar for team leaders - managers and execs only
Partnering workshop - Vendor Managers & vendors together
Competency Planning Model - capabilities for Vendor Managers
Individual coaching/mentoring - desktop or mobile HD videochat

Think180 ® USA also provides consulting on managing and getting the best
results from service providers. This includes improving client-vendor relations,
creating training for vendors to maintain required company expertise
and knowledge, planning and managing to agreements that will work
for both parties, and monitoring vendor operations in periods of change,
rapid growth, or tight financial times.

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