The following comments are drawn from workshop evaluations, letters and e-mails from clients. Recent glowing e-mail at end of this long page.

From Clients:

About Think180 Workshops –

"I would like to recommend that other OEM’s use Think180's services."

"Very valuable! Hats off for organizing!"

"Excellent course, it was very easy to work with you in putting on the course.

"Feedback at this morning's staff meeting was extremely positive. The 'yin & yang' combination of Everett and Dixon seems to work wonders . . . my folks were pleased at how the workshop worked out."

"I knew quite a lot of this, and valued the interaction and help in seeing others come along the learning curve."

Senior Director – Palm Customer Service Organization

"With the partner workshop it was amazing to see each of the individual companies who provide services directly to our end users realize the power in working together and providing suggestions on how to improve the overall process. This is in stark contrast to what usually happens where all your suppliers (partners) will wait to be told everything they have to deliver on.

The power of the workshop was in seeing all the companies realize they are part of the overall customer satisfaction process and they were hired for their skills, capabilities and knowledge of the market. Going forward the difference in being a partner versus a supplier is being part of the on-going improvement process and knowing your input and contribution will be valued by the parent partner and other partners within the process."

Manager, International Developer Relations – Apple Computer, Inc.

"Many thanks for stepping up to the mark in the time frame and creating this very customized workshop in a very short period. Both of you provided a valuable facilitation role, with very relevant knowledge and experiences that added great value to the course."

About Think180 Consulting and Development Services –

President – Peak Performance Development

"The speed with which you were able to grasp our strategy and link business tools left me feeling safe and in good hands. It is not very frequently I describe service as impeccable but yours certainly was."

Vice President, Operations – OmniSky

"I would also like to add my congratulations and sincere thank you for this tremendous accomplishment!!! The document is nothing less than spectacular from my perspective. I realize what a difficult task this and the result is nothing short of impressive. Thank you (entire team), Jim and Jane for this heroic team effort!!! "

Global Service Programs Manager – Palm Computing, a 3Com company

"I wanted to leave you a well-deserved note of thanks for all your help with putting together the Palm Enterprise Service and Support Program.

It is clear that this multi-faceted program was not for the meek or slow footed. Your combined skills complemented both each other and also worked extremely well with the talents we, at Palm, were able to bring to the table.

From quickly assessing the situation, understanding the talents of the players, generating solid ideas, moving rapidly to action and subsequently bringing about better than expected results, the ball was never dropped. Amazingly enough, and critical to the success, you both maintained a well-grounded sense of humor as we progressed through each step.

Not only has Palm greatly benefited from your professionalism and many talents, but also I personally have learned a great deal from each of you. I look forward to working with you again."

Strategic Marketing Manager – The Vantive Corporation

“Just a short note to say I am very impressed with your ability to turn what many students were anticipating as "eight grueling days of hell" into something beneficial that will have immediate impact on sales. Great Job!”

Managing Director – Direct Response Advertising Agency

"The way you approached the project was very professional, particularly how you worked with us to explore our requirements and the assessment of our audience requirements. Our new website is one of the better value purchases in our six years of operation."

Group President – International IT company

"The feedback we received on the training done by Think180 is very positive and I must say that I also came away with significant learning experiences myself."

From Workshop Participants:

About the "Managing External Resources" Workshop –

Terrific course. I was never bored ... activities were interesting and engaging. I liked the stories told to apply the concepts.

I couldn't imagine how you'd make a 2-day workshop on this topic (shows how little I knew.) I was dreading the thought of turning to more vendors for development, but now I feel that I can handle this.

I really do feel this was a valuable two days. It has been really educational to meet with my peers and it was very good to have these issues brought up in a structured environment, and to really feel safe to say what was on my mind. Thanks!

I enjoyed the workshop from start to finish, which is not usually my experience – excellent workshop!

This program was a tremendous benefit!

I thoroughly enjoyed it because it presents an external perspective & got my team together to at least begin to consider the impacts of moving to an outsourced model. (Comment from a team manager.)

The "Evaluating Contractors Matrix" is great; the exercises to emphasize concepts/ behaviors are effective and fun.

The workshop made me more understanding of Project Support Agreements, Information Support Plans, etc. because I now see more of the big picture.

Excellent pre-work and delivery.

From an instructional design perspective, JOB WELL DONE!

About the "Creating Effective Partnerships" Workshop –

Great course. It seems to be the only way to divorce oneself from day-to-day issues long enough to discuss bigger issues on a "human-to-human" level.

Positive feedback from everyone who attended that they found it very useful, especially from the vendors.

Very good course. Good opportunity to step back and think about how the IT group and its outsourcing partners are (or aren't) working together.

The most important gain from day one was in building a comfort level with partners. I am confident that the relationships that I build through this workshop will continue.

I appreciated the opportunity to be here ... for open discussion and to meet other Client partners who I might not meet otherwise.

Now that our Partners have begun relationship building, going forward communications will flow more easily, saving time and effort.

The workshop has taught me how to approach partnering with more confidence by looking to win-win situations and problem solving abilities.

I feel I am better able to see their point of view now. I have a better understanding of the complexity of outsource relationships. This has helped bring out issues in a new outsourcing project we are in the middle of.

This information will greatly assist me.

About the "Delivering Professional Services" Workshop –

I will now be more thorough in my analysis and understanding of the client's needs.

Great job!

The workshop stirred up many thoughts of experience and my performance.

Now I know how to deal with a customer who pressures me to do extra jobs.

I now know better ways of dealing with difficult situations at client site.

An excellent day, well planned and executed – thanks!

About our Materials –

Excellent – can't wait to use this is the present outsourcing project I'm on.

Loved the tools and checklists.

The reference material is exactly what I was hoping for.

Workshop book is very thorough – presentation in bullet form is excellent.

Materials will provide excellent references to take learnings and apply to our transition and management

The checklists will prove useful in making sure I've missed nothing.

About our Facilitators –

They showed a complete understanding of the vendor process.

You are a great team and present things in a true partnership. Very knowledgeable. Great!

I really enjoyed hearing your (the facilitators) perspectives. Loved the humor!

Very neat, loads of information presented in pretty quick pace. Lots of cool dialogue among participants and instructors.

The facilitators did a good job of answering and examining the questions and comments.

I was glad that the instructors were able to go with the flow & alter their presentation to best suit the groups needs.

Recent e-mail from executive client – large (70 person) group facilitation

Thank you so very much for your wonderful presentation at the Chapter Leaders Conference! You far exceeded my expectations!

I looked over some of the evaluations, and you received rave reviews from the attendees. I'm sure they could tell, as I could, that you spent hours and hours preparing and learning about your audience, before you ever showed up to present. For this, I am extremely impressed and grateful!

Thanks again, Jim. I hope to do many more projects together in the future!

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