Jane Dixon
Jim Everett

Photo of Jane DixonJane Dixon, a highly experienced US business consultant in the software services industry, is an executive with more than fifteen years senior experience. Prior to co-founding Think180, she was Director of Consulting for Amdahl/DMR, with a field staff of over 100 consultants. Her international experience includes a major international assignment in Kuwait, as Financial Director with a KPMG team. She also took time off from Think180 to work as Director of Client Services for PWC's startup, IntegraSource.

She originally trained as a CPA, worked for Arthur Andersen & Co. and as a senior manager with KPMG in their technology practices, and has been the CFO for a software development company. She has direct experience with sales and consulting on systems and software services to large accounts. Her formal studies include a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois.

She has worked in a variety of industries including technology, real estate, oil and gas exploration, non-profit, education, transportation retail and entertainment.

Jane has completed studies at UCLA in commercial architectural and interior design, to use this in designing productive and positive commercial environments for both customers and workers.

Jane balances her extensive financial and business experience, and practical business mind, with a genuine desire to support clients and a strong, ethical commitment to managing people with respect and integrity.

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Think180's principal consultants are also the co-founders. They enjoy taking on new and different learning experiences and creative challenges.

Jim Everett and Jane Dixon bring a combined range of depth and breadth of skills, experience and industry background to any project. (Mouse over the large names above for more detail.)

Jane's depth is in analysis and planning of business systems, project planning, and the management and delivery of large scale professional services engagements. Over the past four years, Jane has shifted gear to gaining qualified in the design of commercial interior spaces – to improve employee performance and to enhance customer experiences. Both these goals are part of Think180 core focus.

Jim's focus has been around communication and the management of performance (employees and vendors), creating and improving customer experiences, working with 3rd parties and developing training programs. Over the past four years, he has explored creating entertainment and learning video material for delivery online and mobile devices.

The value of their multi-skilling and industry experience has been invaluable in contributions to cross-functional projects, as well as being able to bring broader thinking, planning and problem-solving to projects.

Think 180 also has an active network of professional associates and advisors, who can be tapped for additional expertise and resources, as well as advice and collaborative thinking.

Photo of Jim EverettJim Everett has over twenty five years experience in the US and internationally in corporate Training and Development, including Management Development and Reseller Training. He has held senior manager positions Sales and Reseller Training for Apple Australia and the US, and his international training experience includes developing and delivering training throughout the Asia Pacific region. Several years back, he took time off from Think180 to establish and manage Apple's User Training group.

He has over eleven years in the computing industry, including three years with ICL, ten years with Apple in Australia and USA, where he created strategies for Product and Sales Training for US resellers, as well as managing a national training partner program for Apple. He has engaged and managed consultants extensively, and has worked as a Senior Consultant with Touche Ross. His formal studies include an honors level BA degree, specializing in management, communications, motivation, and work performance.

Jim has worked in and consulted to a range of industries including high technology, manufacturing, oil & gas, food processing, transportation, consumer photo marketing, federal government and professional services. He has researched and presented proposals for an informational TV and web content around consumer digital photography to senior decision-makers in the cable television industry.

Recently, Jim has been producing web media content (video and audio) for consumer photography, working closely with the Photo Marketing Association International. He has produced podcasts, including Think180's vendor management series, and has presented in TV guest segments on G4 Tech TV Canada.

His experience, training and abilities enable him to plan, facilitate, create and communicate credibly. Jim's approach is flexible and easy to work with, combining practical strategies with humor and creativity.

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