This summary of feedback received from participants in the "Creating Effective Partnerships" workshops has been compiled to give you an idea of how others have benefited from this workshop and an understanding of their experiences:

Key Learnings Cited

  1. Partner Perspective: Understanding of other partners and their roles; I will be more proactive as a partner versus being a vendor. Need to take vendor services beyond day-to-day delivery for full value

  2. Client Perspective: The most important gain from day one was in building a comfort level with partners. I am confident that the relationships that I build through this workshop will continue; The willingness of our partners to work together on behalf of the customers and the company; Dealing with Partner issues together. We are all experiencing similar issues; The more time I spend thinking about our partners, the better I can help them (and us) succeed; Partners’ perspectives and needs – what they see as issues

  3. Value of Partnering: I now know what a strong partnership means; Strengthening the partnership increases the value to both the Client and Partners; Pre-conditions for successful partnering; Partnership requires more "intimacy" to enable Partner and Client to better meet expectations; Partnering works only if needs of clients and vendors are satisfied (not a win-lose proposition); Partnering requires the same care and feeding as a good marriage

  4. Problem Analysis & Resolution Tips: Problem identification and new process for resolving problems; Process of getting to the problem and refraining from jumping directly to the solution

  5. Communication: Need for communication and asking for information; Value of communication, getting everyone together on same page; Criticality of communication and common understanding for success; Understanding communication differences; Better communication seems to be the key to a lot of the problems; Communication is key to partnering successfully

  6. Relationships: Relationship building between individuals is an important part of building successful business relationships. Partnerships and relationships will change over course of time; Tips on starting new relationships; There is a greater diversity of outsourced relationships, than I was aware of. This sheds a new light on our existing relationships.

  7. Vision/Big Picture: Need to talk about the "big picture" with outsourcing partners; Share company vision with vendors; Need better definition of vision for partnership; Service providers have a lack of clarity on how they can contribute our vision and our expectations

  8. Think180: Customer experience

  9. Outcomes: More focus and metrics for measuring success; Need more focus on adding value beyond cost reduction

Summary of Typical Benefits Cited

  • Realizing the critical role that effective communication plays in achieving results
  • Seeing the importance of partnering in creating business success
  • Seeing the need to see the big picture and work with a strategic vision
  • Understanding the value of processes and application of proven techniques
  • Allowing partners to focus on their relationship with the client, and their client's needs
  • Enabling partners to see or present new opportunities for providing value and solutions
  • Providing a partnership model for other relationships and future relationships

Value (based on responses to fixed questions)

100%  gained a greater understanding of managing and ensuring vendor performance

 87%  gained a greater understanding of what it takes to create effective partnerships

 85%  know how to solve vendor problems more effectively

 70%  will approach the partnership with more openness, confidence and focus on results

 65%  gained a greater appreciation of the value of partnering

 60%  will try new approaches or use new methods they could not do before

Ratings (using a scale of 1 – 5, where 1 = poor; 5 = excellent)

Meeting stated objectives  –  4.3

Instructors  –  4.5

Materials  –  4.3


See the Feedback page for more direct quotes from participants.

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