Why workshops?

Workshops provide definite advantages for learning that requires shifts in mindsets, creating shared approaches, and learning new interactive and problem-solving skills.

Some of the more straightforward content and material can be covered through online learning, webinars, providing that the right mechanisms are in place to ensure the learners cover the material.

The group experience in a live workshop can be helpful to an individual struggling to embrace the new role of managing vendors, and the shift in mindset required. Webinars and eLearning can impart knowledge if they are presenting something an individual values, and sees as a benefit.

For those situations where available time or lower numbers does not allow the benefits of the full workshop, or where there are pressing and immediate needs for selected learning, we can also offer live, interactive video sessions to groups, and video-based coaching plans for individuals.

Four workshops by Think180 . . .

Managing External Resources (MER)
This is our core program, and most requested.

MER helps professionals and specialists make the transition from hands-on, to managing the work now being done by vendors.

The emphasis is on ensuring that vendors are able to deliver the best results within the terms of agreement. This means knowing how to manage the vendor relationship and the delivery process, and integrate the results.

The workshop provides essential skills, tools and concepts for professionals, technical specialists and project/program leaders to manage the work of vendors.

For details, go to MER Workshop

Creating Effective Partnerships (CEP)
This often includes vendor representatives.

CEP is an extension of MER, and delivers a highly collaborative workshop that outlines an approach to partnering that is part of the client's strategic philosophy and intended method of working with vendors. It is strongly recommended to include partners in this workshop.

The emphasis is on opening up dialogue, and encouraging greater understanding of the perspectives and priorities of the other party.

Scope of the program is similar to MER, but with additional material for vendors and time spent on emphasizing and strengthening the skills required for effective partnering.
Note: CEP requires the right conditions.

For details, go to CEP Workshop

Delivering Professional Services (DPS)
This is the reverse side of MER.

DPS addresses the vendor-client relationship, from the perspective of the service provider. It is aimed at professionals and technical specialists in Professional Services groups serving both external and internal clients.

The emphasis is on understanding the nature of the role, client needs, and the skills and techniques required beyond the specialization.

Scope of the program is drawn from MER and CEP, but with a strong overlay of practical techniques and required mindsets, delivered by experienced senior consultants.

For details, go to DPS Workshop

Leading Outsourcing Departments (LOD)
This is for team leaders and senior managers.

LOD is for managers of functions using vendors for projects and programs, with multiple vendor managers reporting to them. The approach is by explanation, discussion, and practical examination of real examples drawn from the workplace.

The emphasis is understanding the special differences in managing vendors, and the challenges for professionals and individual contributors, and team leaders, taking on the different role of managing vendors.

Scope of the program includes sections from MER, but with a manager's perspective on how best to develop, manage and assess the capabilities and competencies of vendor managers who report to them.

For details, go to LOD Workshop

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