The following are areas clients have expressed as needs they would like to address in their work with vendors. Click on the text as indicated to go to the appropriate workshop or service offered by Think180.

1 – Improve quality, productivity and compliance in vendor delivery

The approach for addressing this need depends on where problems or opportunities lie:

  • If the vendor is not operating effectively, then that is where attention needs to be focused.

  • If client managers responsible for working with vendor are new to the role or not working effectively, then a workshop on vendor management techniques is recommended. (Click on the workshop title to see what is covered in the workshop, Managing External Resources)

2 – Improve trust and productivity in a client-vendor relationship

If the delivery model includes joint planning and problem-solving, as well as looking for new and better ways to achieve results, then there is a case for creating a partnering relationship.

One effective way of doing this is to involve key representatives from both parties in a workshop focusing on partnership and specific delivery issues. (Click on the workshop title to see what is covered in the workshop, Creating Effective Partnerships)

Also listen to the podcasts, "Games That Vendors Play" and "Games That Clients Play"

3 – Ensure Vendor Managers are equipped with right capabilities

Depending on the role, nature of the project, and how it is structured, the team member managing the project and vendor relationship will need to be strong in a specific set of competencies.

Click to read more about the competencies required, the factors that drive these, and how Think180 Competency Model can establish development priorities.

Part of the process of building these capabilities is attendance at the workshop, Managing External Resources)

Vendor Managers can benefit from listening to the podcast series, "Managing Vendors".

4 – Get the team working consistently and functioning as a team

Teams need common goals and must be able to work together to achieve those goals. A workshop can be an effective way of enhancing teamwork if it focuses on the goals, the process of achieving those goals, and ways of addressing obstacles constructively.

To be more effective, a workshop should:

  • include information gathered from the team beforehand,

  • have the team manager as a full participant,

  • use independent external facilitators, capture solutions generated at the workshop, and

  • commit to follow through on agreed actions.

Depending on the needs of the team, one of the Think180 workshops may deliver the approach and information required. (Click on Workshops for information on the workshops offered by Think180.)

Or, a workshop can be customized to meet your specific goals and objectives. (Click on Custom Training for information on how we tailor workshops to fit your needs.)

5 – Improve internal support team work and internal client relationships

First, identify if any problem exists with:

  • company processes or with the internal client, then an assessment review is recommended

  • if the need is for the support team to be more skilled in these areas of management, then a workshop will likely create the desired improvements. (Click on the workshop title to see what is covered in the workshop, Delivering Professional Services)

6 – Manage and guard against being compromised by unreasonable demands ( from either a client or a vendor)

Internal company processes and how the other party (client or vendor) operates should be reviewed, along with identifying if this is an individual or team issue:

  • If this is an individual issue, then coaching for that individual is an appropriate action. (Click on Coaching for information on how we coach and some areas in which coaching can be effective.)

  • If the issues applies to the entire team, then a workshop focusing on managing client-vendor problems is recommended. (Click on Custom Training for information on how we tailor workshops to fit your needs.)

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