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Articles - (also check Think180's podcast series) and blog, "Managing Vendors"

Who Controls Sourcing?
Discusses the changing roles of the Human Resources and Purchasing departments in the extended enterprise, and highlights the need for executive-level governance of corporate strategic sourcing

Contracts and Agreements (Extended PDF version available on request)
Gives an overview of working with contracts and agreements for engaging outsourced service providers, from the perspective of a Vendor Manager (or Delivery Manager) on the client side.
Also, listen to the podcast (with transcript) on this subject.

Employees vs. Contractors
Discusses the differences between managing employees and managing contractors, and provides examples of 15 areas of difference. Also, listen to the podcast (with transcript) on this subject.

Independent Contractor Definition by IRS
Summarizes key current IRS definitions and requirements for classifying and reporting a resource as and Independent Contractor, rather than having them deemed by IRS as an employee of the client, with associated benefits and conditions, and the legal and taxation ramifications.

IT Professionals Managing Vendors
Discusses the challenging role of IT professionals assigned to manage the delivering of IT services by vendors. Highlights the main cause and remedy for dissatisfied professionals.

Outsourcing Lifecycle
Describes the six phases of the outsourcing lifecycle.

Outsourcing Matrix
Describes the four forms of outsourcing: team partner, delivery partner, delivery vendor and facility vendor. Presents the Think180™ Outsourcing Matrix, which is useful in selecting an appropriate vendor or partner.

Outsourcing of Training
Describes the issues of when training professionals begin to manage vendors. This article is taken from Jim Everett’s experience at Apple Computer, and is one of the chapters in ASTD’s In Action Series – "Building Learning Capability Through Outsourcing".

7 Soft C’s of Outsourcing
Describes the key and often overlooked “softer” elements of vendor selection.

Think 180
Discusses having a customer-focused mindset, and the keys to taking a "Think180" approach to viewing customer and user needs.

Using Consultants
Discusses how to effectively use and derive best value from consultants.

Value of Partnering
Discusses the key elements of a partnering relationship between a client and vendor

Bonus Material

Outsourcing Tips
Collected from Think180's work with clients and vendors, and drawn from actual projects and programs.

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