Team Manager: "After our (video) conference call with you, we all left with a new field of understanding within the team.
I really feel that has been a critical factor in our recent accomplishments.
Thank you, Jim, for all of your insight, experiences, exercises and reflection."

HR Manager: "(Vendor Manager) said he is getting a lot of value from your (1:1 video-based) coaching.
He was very enthused and pleased with the call, and used the term 'awesome'."

Live Video Sessions (LVS)

Think180 helps professionals and managers transition from hands-on work or in-house staff management, to managing the delivery of work done by vendors, and get best results under the terms of an agreement.

As an alternative or complement to our proven on-site workshops, Think180 now offers the same expertise in shorter segments on selected topics, in live video sessions via videochat or videoconferencing.

Individual vendor managers and teams must be able to manage a vendor relationship and delivery process, which requires different skills, techniques and approaches from managing in-house teams, projects and programs.

Short sessions provide immediate, essential skills, tools and concepts for professionals, specialists and project/program leaders to manage vendors. They assist individuals and teams fine tune how they work on particular issues, projects, situations and specific vendors.

Individual coaching, and interactive group training sessions, may range from an introductory one-hour seminar, to ongoing tailored events.

We use short assigned activities before the events, and as follow-up, to increase relevance and impact by linking learning back to the workplace.


Provide immediate learning resources and coaching in essential skills, tools and concepts for professionals, technical specialists and project/program leaders to manage the work of vendors.

Individual Mentoring/Coaching

In a scheduled private and confidential session, a Think180 mentor and a client employee work together 1:1 via videochat (desktop or mobile), on skype, Facetime or other software.

Sessions may focus on a topic (or set of topics), competencies and techniques specific to the individual and particular vendor or situation, or on actual issues that have arisen and require to be handled in the best way.

The sessions may highlight broader skills and more general areas of expertise that need to be developed through other channels (areas as financial expertise, contract law, effective meetings).

Between formal sessions, an individual may find it helpful to have brief phone call as mentor support, or emails.


  1. Provides individual employee with dedicated 1:1 and targeted attention when it is needed
  2. Creates a confidential forum to openly discuss individual needs and areas for development
  3. Allows more personal engagement and face-to-face conversation than a phone call
  4. Accommodates individual role-playing and feedback around communication skills, which results in better tuned skills

Sample topics or focus for individual video sessions

  • Understanding and using your power base
  • Assessing the work of vendors
  • Handling program or scope changes
  • Controlling meetings
  • Handling difficult vendors and delivery issues

Team or Group Training via Videoconference

Think180 instructor presents content and leads guided discussion with a single-location team or small class via videoconference. Instructor is on-screen for group, and is able to interact with each person in the group. (Multiple locations can also be handled through a 3rd party meeting service).

Simple PC-based video solutions such as skype or commercial video conferencing simplify setting up sessions anywhere. A dedicated and private Twitter feed or conference chat can be set up if required, serving as record of comments and questions.

A session can focus on a real-life current vendor situation, shaped into as a case study by Think180, and can serve as a catalyst for follow-on discussion led by manager, team leader, or in-house trainer. We can can advise how to use these supporting activities for the team to reinforce the sessions.

It is easy to initiate and set up one-hour sessions (with printed notes from supplied PDFs). This format works well for a standalone session, lunch session, or as segment of team off-site.

To extend the learning and thinking, participants are able to email questions to the Think180 instructor, or be provided feedback and guidance between sessions.


  1. The immediacy of a live event allows focus on current issues and initiatives.
  2. Segmenting the curriculum allows a more tailored approach to evolve though the series.
  3. Briefer, targeted and succinct sessions reduce disruption of work from longer events.
  4. Shorter sessions at more convenient times and locations means better access for a larger audience.

Sample Topics for Group Video Sessions

  • Integrating vendor work in-house
  • When and how to partner with a vendor
  • Assessing and optimizing vendor performance
  • Controlling meetings with vendors
  • Managing program or scope changes


Both types of video-based session typically includes a basic level of pre-work or reading for participants. As required, selected handouts and worksheets from the full workshop notes will be shared with participants in advance as a PDF for use in the session, or as a follow-up to the session. Where sessions are a series, there are typically action items and live practice assignments.

All sessions have an agreed agenda and focus. Depending on what has been agreed, these may be set out in advance for a series and adjusted between sessions. The agenda for each session is based on the outcomes and changes needed for individuals and teams.

For Individual and Group video sessions, selected or adapted topics, exercises and materials may be provided as PDFs to participants as relevant to session topics.


Content and focus for each session depends on the needs and roles of the team or participants. The breadth and depth of the full set of workshop materials allow a range of choice and emphasis and details covered.

Topics or modules are grouped into six phases of the outsourcing lifecycle. Two additional key groups of topics are the preparatory work of mapping the outsourcing structure and business resourcing strategy, and defining the specific competencies and career considerations for vendor managers.

Most topics are presented differently in a 1:1 coaching session, and in a group session. Group sessions are a delivery style followed by discussion. For 1:1 coaching, a topic is introduced briefly then explored as it relates the individual's own development need and situation.

Categories (how content topics are organized):

  1. Outsourcing Business Models and Structures
  2. Phase 1: Strategy and Setting Up
  3. Phase 2: Sourcing and Selection
  4. Phase 3: Negotiation and Engagement
  5. Phase 4: Implementation and Launch
  6. Phase 5: Delivery and Relationship
  7. Phase 6: Completing and Closing Out
  8. Vendor Manager Competencies and Careers

Download a PDF of full list of topics - MER Table of Contents.


The video sessions typically do not include a formal evaluation. However, if required, an evaluation can be incorporated (simplified for single sessions, or more outcomes-oriented for series).

Download a full PDF version of this description.

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