This summary of feedback received from participants in the "Delivering Professional Services" workshops has been compiled to give you an idea of how others have benefited from this workshop and an understanding of their experiences. Participants are from consulting groups with a high proportion of seasoned consultants.

Key Learnings Cited

  1. Increased thoroughness
  2. Think 180 – concept of defining desired customer experience; view of the customer
  3. Project Management (PM) – skills/techniques; PM steps; be more thorough and assume less
  4. Human factors involved with a customer/consultant relationship
  5. Tips & techniques – additional negotiation solutions/approaches
  6. Appropriate procedures
  7. Confidence in performance
  8. Refresh customer engagement skills
  9. Don't take short cuts
  10. Identified individual problem areas and explored solutions

Summary of Typical Benefits Cited

  • Improved effectiveness in communicating with customers, including listening
  • Enhanced definition and evaluation of results
  • Focusing on customer expectations and milestones
  • Managing situations with clients more effectively
  • Understanding the role and core competencies of a consultant
  • Spend more time planning to produce an effective outcome
  • Reduced misunderstandings or complaints with customers
  • Improved awareness of good communications
  • Realized need for effective positive communications with clients
  • More thorough analysis and understanding of the client's needs
  • Reduce wasted time due to lack of communications
  • More effective management of customer expectations
  • Improved ways of dealing with difficult situations at client site

Value (based on responses to fixed questions)

55%  will now take on new projects or use new approaches to their current project(s)

55%  will now communicate and consult more effectively

50%  will now complete projects more thoroughly

41%  will approach the partnership with more openness, confidence and focus on results

38%  will now seek out/identify new consulting opportunities when performing consulting projects

Ratings (using a scale of 1 – 5, where 1 = poor; 5 = excellent)

Meeting stated objectives  –  4.0

Instructors  –  4.3

Materials  –  4.0

Feedback (testimonials and comments)

See Feedback for direct quotes from participants.

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