This summary of feedback received from participants in the "Managing External Resources" workshops has been compiled to give you an idea of how others have benefited from this workshop and an understanding of their experiences.

Key Learnings Cited

  1. Vendor Management & Role: What my role is as a vendor manager; Better understanding of just how different role is from my last ones

  2. Problem Solving Tips: How to recognize and deal with problems; Symptoms of partnership problems; Comfort level with different approaches to problem solving; 10 steps to problem solving were helpful!

  3. Vendor Work Tips: How to evaluate vendor performance/work; orient vendor, Being clear with vendor as to expectations, roles and accountabilities

  4. Importance of Communications: Listening to assure the need of the business match vs. reaction of supplier; Focus on communications, both with vendor & customer

  5. Partner Management: The How's of partnering, Understanding vendor vs. partner

  6. RFP Tips: How to better write an RFP; Things to include in an RFP to ensure better vendor selection: Discovered a couple of items that could improve my RFPs

  7. Vendor Selection Tips: How to better plan for selecting a vendor; How to locate and select a vendor; This took the mystery out of vendor selection

Summary of Typical Benefits Cited

  • Creating more effective RFPs
  • Solving vendor problems
  • Learning how to effectively manage vendors
  • Learning the importance and implications of contracts
  • Understanding the shift in role to focus on outcomes and the paradigm shift needed
  • Interdepartmental cooperation
  • Cutting out wasted efforts
  • Process improvements
  • Improved vendor management
  • More successful results, in more timely managing and more beneficial to team members
  • Enables me to do a better job, relieve frustration I have had due to my communicating, and accomplish the goal within a reasonable time

Value (based on responses to fixed questions)

87%  gained a greater understanding of partnering with external organizations

82%  gained a greater understanding of what is required to effectively manage vendors

79%  will now complete regular tasks more thoroughly

74%  will now be able to implement/influence better definition of requirements

64%  would now handle the work of vendor management with a clearer focus on results

64%  now know how to solve vendor problems more effectively

Ratings (using a scale of 1 – 5, where 1 = poor; 5 = excellent)

Meeting stated objectives  –  4.2

Instructors  –  4.5

Materials  –  4.4

Feedback (testimonials and comments)

See Feedback page for direct quotes from participants.

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