When a client outsources a project and engages a vendor, or works with a 3rd party, it is typically because that vendor has a particular expertise or methodology, the vendor has a complementary business model, or the vendor provides a capacity that is not cost-effective for a client to have in-house.

Even so, there are usually aspects of the work that require the vendor or 3rd party to be brought up to speed, at the time of engagemement, or as a result of evolution in the business or other changes. Part of the agreement between the client and vendor should be how the client will provide the vendor with training, and how the vendor will maintain required knowledge.


Our value is how we develop, prepare and handover. We aim to set up the client (or vendor) to manage and deliver the final training, or utilize contract training resources.

Reasons or timing for training vendors

  • Onboarding/briefing - ensuring vendor has appropriate company knowledge
  • Changes in business model and processes
  • Turnover of vendor staff, diluting previous training
  • Product and services updates
  • New markets, products or services
  • Expanded or changed outsourcing scope

Company-specific elements

  • processes and methodology
  • product knowledge
  • nature of services provided
  • service levels and requirements
  • company style of working - see Outsourcing Matrix

Services by Think180

  • Design the training process and develop materials for the client.
  • Bring client trainers (or vendor trainers) up to speed (as in a Train-the-Trainer), and handover the materials for redelivery to the vendor staff.
  • Work with client subject-matter experts and guide the design and development of the materials and the training.
  • Create media-based training for delivery online or mobile devices, ranging from audio podcasts, narrated slideshows, video presentations, or videos of processes and steps.
  • Create evaluations and learning metrics.
  • Set up webinars and live video presentations.


Think180 has broad and rigorous experience in creating learning materials for redelivery to or by 3rd parties, especially in the technology industry, managing national 3rd party programs and alliances, managing and delivering extensive reseller training, product training, training for sales and customer services, creating media-based learning materials, podcasts and videos, and conducting live online training.

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