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The Customer Experience

It is important to have control over the experience the customer has with your company. This can come from employees, your vendors and partners, your online material, or your commercial spaces (shop), or your other products and services. If this experience is not positive, or doesn't meet the customer's expectations, then you lose the power to hold satisfied customers.


  • Consulting on customer support and service programs
  • Analysis of customer processes; touchpoints; outcomes
  • Reviewing how marketing expectations impact satisfaction
  • Designing processes for consistent customer experience
  • Designing and reviewing customer environments for the right experience
  • Keynote presentations on “The Customer Experience”
  • Workshops on managing customer experience through vendors and 3rd parties

Related Expertise

We have consulted on Customer Service delivery, user materials and online customer experience to clients like Apple, Palm, Verizon Wireless, as well as numerous others around delivery of professional and online services. Jane Dixon has led large teams of corporate consultants, and Jim Everett has managed Sales and Product Training for resellers in Apple Australia and Apple USA, as well as Apple's Training Partner network. Jane has also added to her expertise a four-year study program at UCLA on designing commercial spaces. Jim has spent several years researching and reviewing consumer trends in the digital photography market.

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Improving the Value of External Services

We believe that organization boundaries should not be barriers. Our business is to improve your company's effectiveness in working across these boundaries, whether using external resources, or delivering support and professional services.

Our philosophy is that the right degree of partnering can make for better business. And, partnering is made up of people, trust and working together, beyond the signed agreements.Think180 Services addresses the tactical implementation of outsourcing and vendor management, as well as professional services delivery.

We do this by ensuring that the people managing the delivery and integration of the work have the skills and understanding needed to be effective. We work with both clients and vendors to enhance the overall effectiveness of outsourced projects and programs. And we can plan and develop uniquely tailored training to meet client-specific business needs

Our Broad Aims

  1. Strengthen the processes and quality of work performed by external providers

  2. Assist companies to create and manage effective partnering relationships

  3. Facilitate sound decisions on where and when outsourcing makes good business sense

  4. Guide the effective management, control and integration of externally-resourced projects

  5. Support professionals and specialists learning how to set up and manage projects with external resources

Workshops & Custom Training - click on titles below for details

Managing External Resources Popular program covers essential skills and tools for professionals, specialists and project/program leaders to engage professional services and manage the work of vendors.

Creating Effective Partnerships Collaborative workshop shows how client and vendor can have a partnering approach as part of an outsourced business model. This team-oriented event typically includes key vendor delegates.

Delivering Professional Services Participative training helps technical specialists, professionals and account managers, develop as a professional resource or consultant, and effectively manage projects and client relationships.

Custom-built Training Programs Training on any or these areas can be adapted or created to meet your particular business needs.

Learn more about our workshops:
- Workshops Overview
Training Methodology
Workshop Success Factors

Consulting and coaching

Outsourcing Decisions and Plans We help you review projects and functions, then assess and decide whether to outsource. If yes, then how best to structure and manage it.

Vendor Management Using a proven framework and experience, we help managers define requirements, then create and manage effective, productive agreements and relationships with vendors for optimum results.

Consulting/Professional Services Delivery With a wealth of field experience, we work with you to assess an existing practice, review and plan new directions, or establish a consulting group and processes.

Partner & Customer Programs When setting up a new program or reviewing an existing one, we assist you to look at the costs, service provided and results, then help create a program to meet your business goals.

Individual Coaching We can work directly with individuals and small teams to develop materials, solve problems, or create new plans. We provide feedback on their work, and direct guidance and skill development.