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Improving Performance

We can help team managers improve performance - at tactical and strategic levels. In this way, we address both skill needs and business processes. Our primary focus is around the skills and expertise required to manage vendors and outsourcing projects.

The workshop, Managing External Resources, is specifically designed to improve employees' competencies and approach in managing vendors. This can be an effective way to help get the best from vendors, reduce time lost through ineffective problem-solving, identify ways to manage risk and waste, and improve communications.

Specific services around outsourcing

Consulting methodology on employee performance

Tactical performance improvement first reviews how an employee, workgroup or manager meets goals and standards set out for that job. Then processes, training, coaching, or redesign are used to create better results.

Strategic performance improvement starts with expected outcomes and plans, as part of broader company goals. Next step is to review how an employee, or resource team contributes to those outcomes. We look at enablers and barriers, as well as reviewing assumptions about whether achieving goals are really outcomes, or just accomplishing a task.

Other services in employee performance improvement

  • Directly coach managers as part of a company development program, or provide confidential counseling.

  • Act as a confidential resource or sounding board for staff or managers. This can be useful to help shape ideas, or to create momentum and energy.

  • Facilitate team development and effective working processes for integrated and blended teams.

  • Design and guide you in implementing performance assessment and management systems, as well as employee surveys with analysis and action recommendations, and orientation programs for new employees.

  • Assist in setting up a new Training Department, with our depth of first hand experience in doing this, as well as provide consulting and expert assistance to newly appointed Training and Development Managers.

  • Review or design workplaces to reflect company style and culture, and ensure that the space creates a productive environment to enable high performance by those who work in it.

Alliances and Advisors

Think180 maintains close working relationships with selected colleagues and other consulting companies, whose expertise extends and complements our own. We also draw on an advisory panel made up of current senior managers and researchers in the field.

Related expertise

Think180 consultants have a depth of expertise in business in the consulting and corporate training field, as well as extensive first hand experience at Director level as managers in the business world. We also have experience in a range of industries, particularly the technology and consumer markets.

As a corporate manager, Jim Everett has developed and delivered in-house management training programs, and performance review and improvement programs with a number of large international companies.

We have wide experience in designing learning programs and events that take account of the needs and situation of the learners. More recently, Think180 has been researching the leading edge mobile learning space.

Formal studies and professional training includes Finance and Accounting, Business Systems, Marketing, Organizational Sociology and Behavior, and Design of customer areas and workplaces.

Phone: 310.694.0414
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